Monday, June 23, 2008

The Roller-Coaster Ride of Healing

What a weekend! There were moments where Michael was feeling fantastic and asking to play air hockey in the rec room. Then, there were moments where he was crying in agonizing pain. His pain medicine has been changed, but we're wondering if we need to change it back to the original prescription.

If you've ever spent any time in a hospital, you know that the beds turn into cement blocks after a day and a half of use. This is to make sure the patients don't get to cozy and will make sure to go back to their own homes quickly and stop taking up space in the medical facility. Because of the cement block-like bed, Michael often finds a bit more relief during his bouts of pain through taking a ride in the wheelchair. Which is why if you had been in the lobby of this large hospital at 1:00 this morning, you would have seen us following the guy with the large floor waxing machine. I pushed Mike around until about 2:00 when he was falling asleep in the chair. We were back downstairs at 5:00 for a half hour, enjoying the rare quietness of the hospital.

As I write, Mike is waking up - again saying "Ow, ow!" The pain seems to be a bit more constant and I wish I could make it go away. I don't know if they'll let him go home, though that is the only thing he wants to do.

The only question I ask through all of this is: "How do people do this without the Lord?" Through the darkest times when my son is almost shouting in pain and there's nothing I can do, I look to find Christ. He isn't some magician who takes the pain away, but I trust Him. I know He is with us. I know He has a plan. Leaning hard on Him has been my only recourse at times.

How about you? Who or what is going to get you through your trial today? Don't expect the "why?" to be answered. Don't expect to understand. Just expect Him to be there and trust. He is faithful.


Angel said...

Still praying Vicki! It is so evident that the Lord is carrying all of you through this. I can't imagine what life would be like without our ability to lean on him and trust in his soverignty. I hope Michael's pain is less severe as the day goes by. We'll be praying for his pain to lessen and that he grows closer to the Lord during this trial.

jen said...

oh, I do hope the Lord sees fit to lessen his pain…and soon! I can't even imagine. Glad to see you're leaning on Him. Hope Mike gets to go home soon.

Mountain Mama said...

I don't know of anything more difficult than seeing our child in pain.

I pray Mike will heal quickly and the pain will soon be totally gone and he can be up and around again.
May the Lord bless all of you.