Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And Lightning Struck

As a result of recent circumstances, I have not had a chance to tell you how I narrowly escaped a very tragic death Father's Day night. (Would that be "Father's Night"? Oh, the contemplative thoughts I have.)

Let's back up two evenings. On Friday the 13th (hmm), we had a pretty exciting thunder storm out on the farm. Close lightning followed by loud claps of thunder during a torrential downpour. Very exciting. Well, apparently, one of those close strikes of lightning bolted right into our telephone pole out by the road.

Seriously. We looked at it the next day and the top of the pole was nothing but wood shooting out in every direction.

That bolt of lightning resulted in a phone line that was out of order for 2 weeks, two outlets which are forever impaired, and a burned out coffee maker and curling iron. (Talk about a bad start to your mornings!)

On the following Sunday night, at approximately 11:00 p.m., I was finishing up some things on the computer. I heard rumbles of thunder. As I hate thunder storms alone, I decided it was a good time to head upstairs. As the lightning was getting more intense and recalling the recent episode at our home, I figured it would be a good idea to turn off the computer. I couldn't remember if the modem automatically turned off, so I stood waiting for everything to shut down. The computer finally turned off, and I realized the modem was still on.

This is when everything goes in slow motion.

I am in mid-stride heading over to the modem to push the power button located on the back of the box when, suddenly, I hear "POP" and simultaneously, I see a flash of light. No, not outside. The flash of light came out of the modem! I'm not kidding. Lightning struck, went through the lines, and literally popped out of my little black box!
The box that, 3 seconds later, I would have had my hand on. HELLO!!

I go running out of the room only to run back in to make sure nothing had caught on fire. Then, I run up the stairs where, out of the dark, I hear a low voice say:


Really - the lightning didn't kill me, so my husband gave it a second shot.

After I recovered from near heart failure, Eric says, "Did you hear that?!"

"Hear it?" I say, "I saw it. No kidding, the lightning was in our house!"

Turns out, he didn't hear the "pop." He heard the "whoosh" of the electricity going through the house.

The electricity that almost met my hand.

Then, my darling, compassionate husband looks at me and says, "You have all the fun!"

Oh brother.

OK, so what did I learn? I learned that God is in complete control. He timed my movements and the lightning in a way that would not bring me harm. My life is totally in His hands. He showed me that He would be just as much in control two days later in my son's operating room.

Why do I have to learn these lessons so up close and personal?

Oh, my computer? Fried. Gone. They say they've repaired it, but I'm thinking it will never again be the same. Which is sad. Because, after having to use someone else's computer for 2 weeks, I really miss my own machine.

So, yes, lightning fried my computer. Lightning almost struck me.
Wouldn't that have been a slam-bang finish for Father's Day?


Jenna said...

I think the scariest part was "HI". Did you scream? :0
Wow, God really is in control!

Stefanie said...

I agree with Jenna, that deep voiced "Hi" would have sent me to the ceiling. HA! On a serious note, that was TOO CLOSE!

Lisa said...

"...Slam bang finish to Father's Day." That one made me laugh out loud! So glad the Lord kept you safe!

becky said...

Oh my!

the reynolds said...

yep,Vicki...you have all the fun!

Cheryl said...

I am the biggest chicken of lightning so, thanks for the enlightening(no pun intended!) story of what it can really do! I fully trust God can and will keep me safe at all times, however, I think next time it storms, I'll take that oportunity to clean my basement! By the way, I think I got a few more grey hairs reading your blog today, what about you?! :o)

heather said...

OH MY WORD!!!! I think my whole head of hair would have turned grey if that had been me. I too hate lightening storms! So glad you are ok. From now on turn off your computer if you hear that a storm is in the forecast. :-)