Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Here!

Just wanted to write a quick post letting you all know that I'm still alive. I'm still trying to be a mother to my kids, a wife to my husband, and a housekeeper to my house. Things seem a bit crazy.

I think it's called life.

This week, I prayed for a friend who faced death while, at the same time, praying for another friend who welcomed a new life. I prayed for two women who underwent very traumatic surgeries. I prayed for safe travels for various people.

Today, I took my son to the doctor and he was told he can now run, ride a bike, and pick up his baby brother. Such a blessing.

I'm planning a little afternoon ladies get together for Friday and a presentation that evening for our new homeschool cooperative beginning at our church this fall. That same day, I'm travelling a half hour away for some shopping and to pick up our dear Elianna for the day.

Saturday, it's our 3rd week of Bible Club (which is going wonderful) and I promised my daughter we'd make soap.

In between, it's been trips to the library, birthday parties, and swimming lessons as well as cooking dinners, doing laundry, gardening, and cleaning.

No time to blog - I'm living life. Be back soon!


Jenna said...

I saw on your prayer request's that Amie may have colitis, which is what one of my best friend's has (the one who just lost her 6 month baby). I'll be praying for her! Have fun at your get together and living life :)

Mrs. McGinn said...

Vicki, you are making me tired just thinking of all you are doing!!!

elianna said...

Enjoy life! See you tomorrow. Just wish I lived a little closer to you...

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

Good to hear Michael is doing so well. Also sounds like a good idea about the home school group--our church certainly has many people with so many gifts to offer--and enrich the homeschool experience. I am jealous! Wish I could be there to get in on all the fun.