Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Mother's Work is Never Done

I was out shopping last night when I heard a couple of college-age ladies, who were co-workers, speaking as they closed up shop. One of them mentioned she had worked eight hours yesterday, like this was a monumental feat!

There were a couple of reasons I found this a bit humorous. First, my darling husband works six days a week for, at least, 10 hours a day doing a lot of hard, physical labor. So does his over-60 father. And, you'll find them smiling about 90% of the time. When people complain about their tough work hours to him, I have to stifle a laugh. (Just as a dairy farmer would have to laugh if my husband complained to him.)

The other reason I found this a bit humorous was because of the fact that I'm a mother. I've had single, working women complain to me before about their work hours. "I worked nine and a half hours yesterday!" "I just worked 10 days straight! I am so ready for vacation!"

OK, some advice. Never complain about how difficult your job is to a mom. Moms work, at least, 12-15 hours a day. I'm not going to say 24 because we do get to sleep, though we are on call for every hours of the day, every day of the year, for, 20-30 (or more) years. And, moms don't get a day off. True, the older my children get, I have more opportunities to sleep in during the summer or on Saturdays. But, it's usually at a cost. I either don't get my morning shower and I don't get my needed quiet time with the Lord. When you're single, you can get up at 10:00 a.m. on your day off and still grab a cup of coffee along with your Bible and cozy up for your time with God.

Vacation - I won't lie. In the past 2 years, I have been blessed with 2 vacations. I went to Florida in 2007 and to Virginia in 2008 - no husband, no children! These trips were extremely relaxing and I enjoyed every minute of them!

Both were about 3 days long and they were 11 months apart. I came back from my trip to VA in March and am still working. And some young women complain about working more than five days straight and only are allowed 7 sick days and 14 vacation days - each year?

I won't even touch the sick days part of this.

Working moms -- all I have to say is, my hat is off to them. I honestly don't know how they do it. They have the pressures of an outside job and come immediately home to care for their families and home the best they can. I've heard being a stay-at-home mom is more difficult, but, I just don't know about that.

I'm not here to pat myself on the back and tote motherhood as the most grueling job in existence. I applaud the career person for being a contributing member of society and to their company. Every job has its good and bad points. I just advise everyone to take in consideration who they take their complaints to.

Eight hours. In a shoe store. Wow. That woman deserves a medal.


Lisamarie said...

Busy moms like you sure have my respect! As busy as I feel, I know that you are seven times so!

And that's all I'll say or else I'll write my own post right here of things I don't like hear people complain about! :-)

Victoria said...

I don't know Lisa - I'm in the US with family so very close by. Every mom has her own responsibilities that make her immensely busy - esp. missionary moms/wives!!

the reynolds said...

Well said Vicki. The other day I just figured up by the time my youngest is grown I will have had my children in my home for 40 years!!!! By then I should have at least 10 or so grandchildren too! Praise the Lord for the "work" I'm in!

becky said...

Funny you write this. On my busiest day's with work and taking care of the pup, house etc...I find myself sitting and thinking (and I am sure I have probably said outloud to Dave a few times)...How does she do it with 7 kids?

People wonder why we don't have any kids yet!

heather said...

It's all relative. I'm sure when I was newly married, working full time & sooooo busy (or so I thought) I'm sure I complained about working 8 or 9 hours. Someday that same girl in the shoe store will be saying, "Boy, I wish I only had to work 8 hours." It's good that God eases us in to our "seasons" of life.

Victoria said...

I completely agree, Heather! I think you have the grace you need for what you have. I'm just encouraging people to think about to whom they are complaining before they speak (which, in all fairness, this girl was doing). Again, if Eric mentioned to his dad about the rough day or week they had, his dad would completely be on the same page. But, if he complained to his friend the dairy farmer who gets absolutely NO break, it would be ridiculous.

Mr. Young said...

First of all I never realized that dairy farming was so demanding... goodbye milk goat idea... anyway,
I get a kick out of it when people ask if my wife "works" I always reply "Yes! Much harder than I do"

my faviorite reply ever... "No I mean a real job"

Victoria said...

Mr. Young - you gotta be kidding!!! It would take me a minute to regain my Christianity. :) Praise the Lord your wife has a man who thinks so highly of her!

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

The hardest physical work I know must be farming--I have never met a lazy farmer, or farmer's wife yet.

Little Family said...

Amen Vicki. Even though I don't have 7 kids, and I too don't know how you do it, I feel Samantha keeps my days full. Maybe being 8 months pregnant adds to it too. But I tell my mom all the time that I don't know how she worked and came home to us to care. That is a hard exsistence. She said it was all coupled with exhaustion and guilt. GOd bless her.