Friday, July 18, 2008

A Quick Idea

Five of my children have been in Vacation Bible School this week and absolutely loving it. They actually receive bus transportation to and from the church that has organized this wonderful week. My children have come home each day excited about their lessons, crafts, and overall fun that they've had. I honestly cannot wait to hear if an old classmate of mine got a pie in his face today (the incentive for getting 100 children there on this last day). The excitement has been contagious.

One thing I have found out, though. My children are lacking in their Bible memory skills. We don't have Sunday School at our church. We do have Family School. We have lessons each week and each family is to work on the lessons during the week - including the memory verse. When our firstborn was 4 years old, he had chapters of the Bible memorized. Our 4 year old today, he hasn't a clue how to memorize a verse. When our family was smaller, we seemed to have more time. It's ideal if Daddy sits with us and goes over our lessons. However, after dinner, it's a mad rush to get the house cleaned up, children ready for bed, etc. Sitting down to do evening devotions has been difficult.

In short, we've become lazy.

Things are about to change. One of the benefits of this week has been the fact that our children have had to get up and ready by a set time. This will make the transition back into a schedule much easier next week. We're going to get back to our morning devotions, which are regular during the school year. I know my husband would love for us to memorize the Family School verses - even if he's not here to help out.

Then, what's wrong with some fun? I was just remembering our times in AWANA and thinking of how our children are enjoying the rewards this week at VBS for memorizing Scripture. Why can't we do that on a smaller, family-type scale? If you go to the AWANA website, you can print out the memory verse handbooks for the various age groups. This gives me an organized Bible memorization plan. If my kids were involved in sports activities, etc. on a certain day of the week, I would block that time out in my calendar to get them there. So, I plan on blocking out an hour to an hour and a half for our own family Bible Club on Saturday mornings.

Starting tomorrow. There's no time like the present.

I'm excited about spending this focused time with my children, encouraging them to grow closer to our Lord.


Mrs. McGinn said...

I am dieing to know who was supposed to get the pie in the face. Was it your church that had the VBS?

Rachael said...

I was looking around for Family Worship ideas and came across your blog. Thanks for the post. I am not alone!!!

A great tool that I have found is a book for pre-readers called "This Bible Talks!" by Pamela Fischer. Narrated by Michael David McGuire. It is has really helped the little ones become involved and get excited about Bible time, so I thought I would pass it along.

Thanks for the AWANA website. Here is this books website where I got my copy

Ginger said...

Please check out this blog post, there is something there for you

Jenna said...

Wow what a great idea!

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

When we lived in Ohio I sent my kids to VBS at a Baptist church I used to go to when I was a child (where I prayed to get saved). My kids thought it was the neatest thing to ride a school bus (they had never been on one at the time since I drove them to Christian school) and had a blast. We also enjoyed doing Good News Clubs and 5 Day Clubs with CEF. They also have good materials for kids (hopefully they still make it in KJ).