Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Evening at the Fair

We spent some wonderful family time together.

We saw a ton of animals.

We learned that 4-H competitions are much more enjoyable as a participant, not as an observer.

We saw the tiniest baby chicken ever and our children's eyes lit up at the sight of fluffy yellow ducklings.
Seth rode his first roller coaster. On the first trip around, he had a look of grave concern. The second trip, he was beginning to cry. Third trip, he was sobbing. Fourth trip, he was terrified.
They actually had to stop the rollercoaster to let him off. I apologize to all those little children whose exciting ride was interupted. But, thank you to the attendant who ended Seth's "Ride of Terror."
Seth and Gloria were thrilled with just a little train ride and merry go round while I saw two of my girls enjoying a twirling ride on the swings and their daddy smiling and laughing every time they passed.
Gloria stepped in throw up.

My nephew and I filled out no less than 10 different contest forms for all the kids. Whatever happened to "name and phone number, please"?
The kids ate cotton candy and drank fresh lemonade, Daddy and Derek ate sausage with onions, and we all consumed the french fries and kettle corn. Totally unhealthy. Totally enjoyable!
No one argued.

All in the midst of a busy farm season.

Together, at the fair!


just a girl named jenn said...'s the simple pleasures in life that bring the most joy, don't you think? I love going somewhere close to home with the whole family. Great food, great fun, great memories. Boy, are we blessed!

becky said...

well that sure sounded like fun!

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