Friday, August 22, 2008

Beautiful Moms

Recently, I was thinking about starting a whole new blog which would have been a daily devotional directed to moms. The title was to be "Beautiful Moms" as I believe all mothers who are trying to please the Lord in their mothering are beautiful. However, this new blog would have taken up way too much of my already crowded schedule. How could I blog about being a godly mom while my children were being neglected?

Therefore, I've decided to designate Tuesdays here at Love & Rewards as the day I will dedicate to Beautiful Moms. Some Tuesdays will be a devotional thought geared toward mothers and motherhood. However, I would love to have posts which pay tribute to Beautiful Moms. These may be moms from history or moms we know - our own included!

Here is where YOU can get involved. The Beautiful Moms posts won't always be written by me. I want to hear from my readers. E-mail me a tribute about a beautiful mom you know and admire. This can be a couple of paragraphs, a longer tribute, or a poem. Then, I will let you know what Tuesday I will be posting your tribute.

You hear from me all the time and I'll definitely contribute to the Beautiful Moms postings. But, now is the time to hear from you all about the women who have shaped your lives or encouraged you in motherhood!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Ginger said...

Great idea Vicky!

Jenna said...

You will definately be hearing from me! :)

Little Family said...

What a wonderful idea. I think you are def one of the beautiful moms in my life. You are a true encouragement Vicki.

Angel said...

Great idea! Just wanted to let you know that I hope you don't mind but I added you onto my blogroll list.