Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He's (sort-of) Back!!!!

The other day, I was reading my blog comments and came across one by a person named "Dave."

"Dave? I wonder who Dave is?" thought I.

Then, "Could it be?!" I looked at the picture. I clicked on the link.

It IS!!!!!!

Major Dave
has been in Iraq since the end of April. Apparently, the world-wide web isn't as world-wide as it's cracked up to be. Therefore, he's been missing in blogdom and sorely missed.

Until a few days ago. The internet made it's way to Qatar and Dave found his way back to his blog and my comments!

OK: time for a quick biography:
Major Dave is a good friend of mine and my family's. He and I are one day apart in age (unless you bring up the fact that he stopped having birthdays 10 years ago) and were in the same classes in school for 13 years. Making matters worse (ha!), our family moved down the street from his when we were fifteen which meant riding the bus to and from school together, our siblings and us terrorizing the small town we lived in, and our family crashing his family's house during the infamous '91 ice-storm.

No, we never were boyfriend/girlfriend. NO WAY. Don't worry - he won't be offended. We were such a part of each other's lives that the other one was just...there.

Dave was, I believe, considered a
nerd in school. Not by me. I knew him. I knew how funny he was. I knew how smart he was. I knew he would make something of himself one day. He never went with the crowd. He knew who he was, what was important to him, and where he was going in life. He didn't need the acceptance of the jocks or anyone else. He was the rare guy who realized high school wasn't going to last forever. He knew life started after high school. It angered me - ever since elementary school - when people would suggest that he was a nerd. My mom would just say, "Just wait. He'll show them all up. He'll go further than any of them."

And, he did. HA!!!!!!! Major in the Air Force, following the Lord, and about to marry a wonderful, godly, and fun woman who can actually take his sarcastic sense of humor!!!

At risk of offending all of my precious readers, Dave adds great interest to my comments. His blog is of a different sort - the guy sort. I love all the "girl" blogs I read (hey, mine is lumped in that category, too), but my favorite blog has to be "The World According to Dave." Once you read it, you'll find out how wacked out I really am.

I love the perspective on life guys have. Black & white, logical, no fluff. That's Dave. And, his humor? Exactly my style because it's the sarcasm I grew up with.

Now, he's unknowingly added a new element of humor and interest. You MUST go read his latest post. What he says about me - completely UNTRUE!!! You see, I tried to get him going and told him a FALSEHOOD. Apparently, the follow-up e-mail that I sent to let him know I was JUST KIDDING got relayed in Arabic and he's still trying to translate it.

Seriously, it's great to have Dave's thoughts back on the internet. Even if it is propaganda!

Oh, to my best friend and to my sister-in-law: I told him the same falsehoods about you! HA HA!:)


the reynolds said...

Oh Vicki!!!! The BAZILLIONTH child??? I LOVE it~ what a friend you have there! Glad he's safe! Ah, the world needs more humor!

jen said...

lol!! I am SO in for it, aren't I?? No one is going to believe any McGinn announcements in the future!!

Dave said...


I am in's a country in the middle east.

2nd, Vicki sent me an e-mail saying that she, her sister in law and someone else were pregnant.

So I jumped on the bandwagon...

Just one question...if someone intentionally sends out an e-mail with false information in it...what does that make them?


Dave said...


I did not get your apology e-mail because it is stuck somewhere in the stupid hick internet companies server cause it thinks it is spam.

Gotta love Sumterites!

Victoria said...

OK - thing is, NO ONE knows where Qatar is!! Thanks for clarifying it on your blog! Did you notice I clarified further on?

Oh - and the false info? Makes me a government agent.:)

Victoria said...

JEN - believed only if there's a ring to back it up - a REAL one!!!!:)

heather said...

Oh please!!!! I think I would be in tears if that were true about me after the day I've had. I can't even deal...I'm going to bed. Praying for a much better day tomorrow!! :-)

P.S. Dave-I'm glad you are doing well & will be home soon. Can't wait to get together again & see Jen's hand sparkling!?!

Dave said...

Felt a bad joke about Palmolive and sparkling hands coming on but thought better of it.

Aren't I brilliant?

becky said...

HA! I knew it couldn't be true!!!!By the way Vick, in all of the e-mailing my brother and I do while I am at work...that e-mail came about in conversation and he forwarded it to me...I had to ponder on it for a bit as I figured I couldn't be the last to know.

Then it hit me! LOL! Good one!!!!
Now I have to go and read Dave's blog as I have been out of touch.

Mom McGinn said...

Vicki, you made me cry with your blog about Dave. You were always a true friend. Love you.