Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beautiful Moms - Beauty Rest

It is late. I'm afraid my Beautiful Moms post will not be very profound this week, but I thought I should post rather than miss two weeks in a row.

Based on my sleepiness, this is my thought: A Beautiful Mom gets sleep - and plenty of it. I realize that Proverbs 31 says, "She riseth also while it is yet night..." and "...her candle goeth not out by night."

I believe for sure that we are to rise early in the morning - yes, before the sun is up. Do I follow through with this everyday? Unfortunately, no. I am amazed at how much I am able to accomplish when I get up at 5 or 5:30 a.m. The true miracle is that I'm more awake and full of energy on the days I rise early. Yes, I'm tired by the time 9 or 10:00 p.m. rolls around, but this is my point -

Go to bed early enough to be able to rise up early.

"But, what about my candle no going out by night?" you ask. I don't know if this means to burn the midnight oil EVERY night. I think there are times when we must stay up late to get some work done. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, I stayed up all night to can peaches. Why? Because I was able to do it without interruption. If you've ever canned, you know that there are several times during the process that things have to be done quickly and in order. Try doing that with 7 children roaming the house and pulling at your skirt. So, that night, my lights did not go out until 5:00 a.m. No kidding. I left a note for the children near their cereal bowls letting them know why I would not be up for breakfast, but letting them know that I'd be up by 9:00 - when I would get the baby out of bed. I left them instructions and they followed them beautifully.

But, do I make a habit of this? No way. Why? I'd be miserable with only 4 hours of sleep every night. Oh, I love to stay up late. I'm a night-owl by nature. I have to force myself to get to bed at a decent hour (notice the time of this post - I'm hurrying to finish it up!). But, I have noticed that when I get 7 hours sleep at night and still am able to rise up early, those days go so much more smoothly than the days when I'm struggling to get out of bed at the same time as my children after staying up late the night before.

"It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late...for so he giveth his beloved sleep." We like to focus on the "vain to rise up early" part. However, this verse is telling us how useless it is to get up early enough to worship the Lord after staying up until the late hours of the night.

It's tempting to enjoy and relish in the quiet night-time hours. But, it's not worth it when mommy wakes up grumpy and red-eyed in the morning. Beautiful Moms get sleep at night.

That said, I'm going to try to get my beauty sleep.

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Jenna said...

I read this last night at 11:55pm and didn't want to comment then, so I will now. :) You are such an example of an early riser! Everything you said was so true!