Friday, October 3, 2008

Counting my Blessings

It's been a long time since I've counted them on this blog, but it's about time to give thanks to the Lord and tell what He has done.

1. I spent 9 hours alone with my oldest son today. Appointments, errands, and a classical concert. We talked. We enjoyed being together. We didn't argue. I saw a glimpse of the man he's becoming.

2. I hugged my husband for a long time today. In this day and age, I feel a peace and security in his arms. I am thankful I have a husband to hug.

3. I stopped in the middle of cleaning up the house to play Sesame Street dominoes with my 4 and 6 year olds. It was fun.

4. I got to talk about my college days with a young girl from church. A girl who comes once a week to do ALL of our ironing. Can we say "BLESSED"?!

5. Even after being gone most of the day and playing that rousing game of dominoes, my house is neat and orderly. And, so is my mind.

6. What time I am afraid, I can trust in God. He gives me the peace that passeth all understanding.

7. Major Dave is coming up next week and I get to see him and his fiancee together again.

8. I talked with my mom on the phone. I have a mom to talk on the phone with - on an almost daily basis.

9. I saw my older brother and his family today. I have a brother whom I love and can look up to. I have a sister-in-law who is so loving and giving - I could never repay her for all she has done for us and the love she's shared. Their children are probably my children's best friends.

10. I have a younger brother. I'm thankful that he hasn't dis-owned me for my lack of phone calls. I love him to pieces. His wife? Truly an example to me of a mom who truly loves spending time with her children.

11. I am loved and I love. Too often, I take this for granted. Tonight, I am grateful.


the reynolds said...

Beautiful. To joy in the real blessings of life.
God bless you Vickie.

Sarah P said...

If only we all would count our blessings more often ... Miss Vicki! Thanks so much for doing this blog. I always know that it will be wonderful, thought provoking, and fun to read! Love and miss ya!

jen said...

I'm touched that we made your list! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon…

Jenna said...

Inspires me to make my own list! We are so blessed! Thanks!