Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

No, we don't celebrate this holiday. In fact, my children often say, "It's the devil's holiday!" I don't remember ever saying those words. I do remember teaching them years ago about the history of Halloween. I read to them from secular books which gave the many traditions of the beginning of this day. It was the children who realized whose "Holy Day" it really is.

Anyway, we had a very happy day today. It began by having the children's pictures taken. First time in years that we've done a group shot. The best part about it is, the photographer is designing the annual Christmas card with the photo I choose. That's it. No tears, no stress, nothing. You can read about what usually occurs during these lovely Christmas photo shoots here. But, not this year. It's done - hallelujah!

The best part of today began on Sunday. Our oldest son, Michael, mentioned that he wanted to go into town and pass out tracts on Halloween. From there, the idea developed and we began packing candy into ziplock bags along with one Chic Tract (Li'l Suzy) and a "God Loves You" tract from Fellowship Tract League, and hand written cards with "A treat for YOU" written on them. This afternoon found 7 eager children and their mom walking along the Main Street giving bags of candy to whoever was outside. As we still had some left, I had a great time pulling into the driveways of several of our neighbors and watching my children (we sent groups of 3 at a time) run up to knock on the door and give a treat to the people at home. Whenever they were offered candy, they said "no thank you" with the biggest smiles on their faces!

Working together, having fun, and getting the gospel out. All coming from the idea of my 11 year old. Can anyone say they had a happier Halloween?

Halloween - in our house, the day belonged to God!:)


Sarah P said...

What a great idea Miss Vicki, to pass out tracts like that :) I really loved your picture description from last year too!!! Talk about completely hilarious! Wow, you sure can paint a vivid picture. Sar

Janice said...

Very well done! I love the idea of going out and delivering the candy. What a great way to "turn it all around".

And what a gorgeous day to be out and enjoy all of this beautiful fall weather!

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

Leanna was born on Oct. 31. I always kind of regretted that, until I realized that it was God's day first! Good idea for witnessing with the kids.

Amy said...

Sounded fun! I love the opprotunity those great chick tracks make this time of year. Oh and your picture taking post was just too hysterical!! I can just see it happening!! Can't wait to see the evidence.:)

Ginger said...

What an incredible blessing!

Jenna said...

What a great idea! we were in our missions conference so we couldn't even pass out tracts that night!