Thursday, October 23, 2008

Women's Suffrage

I hesitated writing about this subject as I know it may ruffle some feathers. However, I read my "cousin's" blog last night and about fell off my chair realizing that she holds the same beliefs I do in this area. I thought I was the ONLY one. So, her writing gave me encouragement to let you all know how I feel about women voting.

I think we should vote...according to how our husbands (or fathers, for single women) vote. The reason women fought for their right to vote was mainly because they lost confidence in their husbands and fathers. Women didn't trust the votes of the men. So, they took matters into their own hands - usurping authority over a man. They no longer reverenced their husbands (or fathers) by allowing him to lead his home in the voting decision.

Many Christians women who are against feminism will support it as they vote for whomever THEY want at the polls - with no consideration of how their husbands are going to vote.

We women have the right to vote, therefore, I believe it is our responsibility to vote and allow our voice to be heard - as long as our voice is ringing in unison with our husband's.

We have the right to vote. We have the responsibility to vote. We are commanded by God to reverence, obey, and honor our husbands. Is it honoring him when you say, "Well, I don't think your choice is a good one, so I will make my own decision in this election"?

"Would you vote for Obama, if your husband did? How could you, as a Christian, live with that?" you may ask. For the record, my husband isn't voting for Obama - I don't even know if he's voting for McCain. He may choose a 3rd party - a throw away vote. I will vote the same. Why? Because I don't have to answer for whom I vote for. I have to answer to God for how I have reverenced my husband and how I've lived my life as a Christian woman.

Get out there and vote...all the while honoring your husband.


Jenna said...

Never thought of it that way before. Excellent point!

Ginger said...

That is so true!

Virginia Harris said...

I believe that my generation of women was the first to come of age with most of us believing, taking it for granted, assuming that the world would be fair to us and that our future would be glorious.

Of course, that hasn't always been the case, though my life has been blessed with amazing opportunities that my mother and grandmother would not have dreamed of.

But when I realized that I didn't know how my freedom happened I set out on a journey of discovery and I am now strengthened by the inspiration of countless suffragettes.

I realize I stand on their strong shoulders, and on the shoulders of other women who keep pushing for more than voting rights, who demand the full range of human rights for women.

I want to share that inspiration.

Can you even imagine being a woman and NOT being able to vote?

Thanks to the suffragettes, America has women voters and wide range of women candidates, and we are a better country for it!

Women have voices and choices! Just like men.

But few people know ALL of the suffering that our suffragettes had to go through, and what life was REALLY like for women.

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Victoria said...

I normally delete advertisements from my comments, but I thought it would be interesting to keep this one this time as it attempts to show the "other side."

Steve's Girl said...

I agree with you though I've never sought to vote with my husband. If I were convicted of this, something I've never given much thought to, and he were to vote for Obama, God forbid! Well, I'd probably just not vote at all. It is good food for thought - I love being challenged, thanks for posting :)

Andrea said...

Here is another perspective Vicki -My husband and I are registered for seperate parties politically so that our household can have a say in both sides during a primary. Therefore we can not vote for the same candidate in a primary election.