Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sugar & Hugs

So, last night our church had its annual Christmas concert. It was a night full of beautiful instrumental music, singing, and a powerful message of the gift of God's love. To top it off, there were millions of cookies and gallons of punch offered after the service. A highlight of the year to be certain.

It was a late night, but a joyful one. As my boys were preparing to go upstairs to bed, their sister ran and said, "WAIT!" She then proceeded to hug them both and say "good-night" with a big smile on her face. My five year old son is much like her so just hugged back and returned the good wish. My 11 year old son, on the other hand gave her an amused look and only had one thing to say:

"You had too much sugar."


My daughter's reply? "I only had seven cookies!" SEVEN!

Oh, the merriness of the season!

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Little Family said...

Good job at monitoring the kids and cookie consumption. (Totally kidding!!) That is a sweet story. And Michael cracks me up. He is such a little man. I could hear my own husband saying that. Thanks for sharing. It put a big smile on my face.