Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Honor the King

It is no longer just "Obama." He is now President Obama. President of the United States of America. My President.

For 8 years, many of us Christians have stood behind President Bush. Many of us defended him and his honor. When he'd make a poor decision, we said we'd pray for him. We were offended if anyone personally attacked him.

Now, is our time to prove whether we are true Christians or just true Republicans (or Conservatives - whatever your party). Will we deride President Obama? Will we attack his person or his family in our words? Will we look for any mistake he makes just so we can make fun of him? Will we spit out his name or will we speak honorably of him?

In our home, my children have been admonished to honor our new President. They've been admonished to use his proper title. They've been admonished to pray for him. They've been advised to walk away from any talk that attacks our country's leader personally. Judge what is right and wrong. Do not dishonor the man.

Don't say you honor the position and not the one who holds the position. The Bible doesn't say, "Honor the King's office." Let's use our own reasoning on ourselves: Conservatives were often heard to say, "If you don't support the war, you don't support our troops!" Well, if you don't honor President Obama, you don't honor the Presidency.

Do I support his politics? No. Of course, there ended up being things I didn't exactly agree on with our former "saved" President, either. Politics has little to do with the command God gave us in His word: "Honour the King" - right after the command to "Fear God." We're good about reminding people of that when they're attacking a president we like. Now it's time to remind ourselves.

As much as you can, seperate politics from the man. Stand for what is right. Denounce what is wrong. But, honor President Obama.

Your president. My president.


Ginger said...

Vicky, I loved your post and said it better then I. I was going to post the same on my blog. However, I will just link yours instead.
Lord Bless!!

Jenna said...

This is EXACTLY what has been on my mind. Wow, I couldn't have said it better myself! Christians seem to forget that the powers that be are appointed by God and there is a reason that he's in power, whether that reason be good or bad. thank you for writing this. Excellent post!

Sally and Greg said...

Wow...I have never thought of it like this before. I was just sooo depressed and disgusted that he became our president and your post helped me change my view...he is the one that God wants us to have and I will be praying for him. Thankyou!

Michele said...
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Sarah P said...

Hmm that's hard!! Rrr, thanks for the great post Miss vicki!

~Quasimodo~ said...

Oh Victoria------I can't begin to tell you how much I agree with you, and how much this has been on my heart lately. Wonderful post! Thank you for saying what so many needed to hear confirmed in the Christian community. :)

arielle said...

Amen Mrs. McCracken!! I agree with you. I am getting sick of so many Christians lack of respect and honor for him. Great post!! I might link it to my blog sometime if thats ok with you?? :)