Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

...an Air Force Major began a blog (which is now in the government "Top Secret" files) due to the urging of a very intellectual friend.

Or, maybe she was just a nag. It's easy to confuse the two characteristics.
Anyway, because of his new venture, he discovered other blogs that he enjoyed reading. One day, November 6, 2007 to be exact (if you look at the date on the "comment" page), the Major decided to comment on a blog of a very talented female photographer.

A photographer who just happened to attend the same church that the Major grew up in; though she became a member a few years after he moved out of the state. A photographer who, hence, had become friends with many people who watched the Major grow up or grew alongside him. A photographer who loved the Lord and used her life to serve him.

A photographer that could stand the Major's sarcasm and match it.

November 6, 2007 - the day that would forever change the Major and photographer's lives. Her post was mostly fall photos entitled "beauty in dying." First, he called her "morbid." She had a witty come-back (understood by anyone who read his blog). Then, he mentioned how much he enjoyed her pictures. That he missed the color of the seasons and sometimes came home "just to see."

As I am such a sap (a direct quote from my husband), I went through the photographer's posts and read the comments/jabs between her and the Major. It's a bit of their love story on the computer screen for all of us to see unfold. The two of them went from commenting on each other's blogs to e-mailing one another. From there, a phone call was made. The first of many.

Love was blossoming. So were the flowers that he was having delivered to her. Of course, they were great photo material.

A few months later, the Major wasn't coming home just to see the seasons. He was coming home just to see the photographer. (for fun, go here and here)

He saw her talent, but he saw the heart from whence that talent comes. She laughed at his odd sense of humor, but she saw the depth of his thoughts. Two people, who hesitate to share their true feelings and thoughts with just anyone, shared these things with one another and love grew.

This past Saturday, just about a year after that first non-blogging communication, the Major and the photographer became one. There was no sarcasm. There were no jabs. There were smiles and there was love. Never before have I been to a wedding ceremony where, not only was there so much love and appreciation for one another, but there was a respect for the sacredness of the day. I believe that comes when two people acknowledge the true gift and miracle of such love.

From this day forward, the Major and the photographer will no longer have to communicate with miles separating them for weeks and months on end. From this day forward, the Major will no longer come home to an empty house, but a house filled with love and the smiles of his wife. From this day forward, the photographer will no longer have to be puzzled by dreams of a red-head named Nigel, but will wake up to see her Major by her side.

From this day forward, the Major and the photographer will live happily ever after.


Rebecca, Girlfriends' Mentor said...

Beautiful story! I love how God works!

Christina J. Ford said...

lol, did she tell you that we had a mock wedding for her in sunday school? it was pretty funny, she married Derek Jeter, we had bridesmaids, groomsmen, the whole nine yards. It was really cute...the kids will miss her a lot.

Victoria said...

That's funny!:) She got a great guy - I'll tell her tonight what you said about how you all will miss her. The great thing to know is how she'll allow herself to be used of God where ever she goes. Our loss is another church's gain:)