Friday, January 23, 2009

Tomorrow's the Day!

If you remember, my "never-will-get-married" friend, Dave, met Jen about a year ago. Now, we're 22 hours away from the "Wedding of the Century!"

Jen has her dress. She has her bridesmaids ready to go. She has her groom and all the family in town. And...

...she has a REALLY BAD head-cold.

Yes, the bride is sick.

But, she is blessed with one of the most tremedous wedding parties I've ever seen. Any of the bridesmaids who could make it, were at the reception hall this morning getting it ready. And they knew what they were doing. These girls have spent hours with the bride, not only talking about the day and getting themselves prepared, but putting serious work into all the decorations, planning, and the other hard work that goes into a wedding. And, today, they sent Jen home and took over the decorating. She had little to worry about with that crew in charge!

Along with the awesome bridal party, Jen & Dave's parents and various friends & family got to work decorating, setting up tables, setting tables, preparing the dessert trays, etc. The guys had fun running errands (did you know it takes 3 guys to buy tape? And they make fun of women going to use the ladies room in groups!) and throwing fishing line all over the place trying to hang paper lanterns!

When you're working to make the day special for two people you love, it's not even like work - it's a tremendous amount of FUN!!

If you think to, please pray that tomorrow will be everything Jen & Dave are dreaming of. Pray that Christ's name will be glorified. Please pray for Jen, especially. She really would like to feel better so she can thoroughtly enjoy the day she becomes "Mrs. Major Dave!"


Sarah P said...

aww, sure Miss Vicki - hope that everything works out in the wedding, have a great time :)

Lisamarie said...

IT'S ALMOST HERE! They must be so excited! I'll definately pray she gets relief from her cold so she can enjoy her wedding. I remember on my wedding day I had a bad cough, and I prayed so hard I wouldn't hack my way through the vows... And God graciously sent that cough packing for the duration of the ceremony. :-) He can do the same for Jen!