Saturday, February 21, 2009


I experienced a time of true contentment this evening.

No, I did not have a moment all to myself. Nor did I have a piece of really good chocolate. I wasn't even out on a date with my husband.

I was standing at the stove in my kitchen preparing tomorrow morning's breakfast. My little ones had just been bathed and dressed by their older sister, one son was playing with the dog, Eric was playing a game with one daughter while 2 more children were playing another game - without fighting.

It was almost like being a part of an idealistic family. It was a time when I believe the Lord was truly pleased with the 9 of us. I just wish it happened more often.

Taking care of my family. Enjoying one another. No arguing...for a few minutes.



Sarah P said...

hmm :) haha - no chocolate - thats funny! Yeah i know what u mean, I love it when I get minutes like that. It's a relaxing feeling :)

the reynolds said...

every once in a while I have those moments too! Mine happened a couple weeks ago.....Dad was sitting in his chair, I was cozied on the couch with a good book, the little ones were playing a game, (nicely!) one was writing in her journal, and there were strains of beautiful hymns being played on the violin of another daughter....ahhhh~bliss! Enjoy!