Sunday, February 1, 2009

Workin' Out

So, even though I've met my goal in weight loss, I have been feeling terribly out 0f shape. Ever since school began this year, I haven't seemed to have many chance to get out and walk. Not to mention the fact that the FREEZING temperatures haven't been a great motivation.

Well, I have this friend. She is one of those who has to really work for how she looks and she does a FANTASTIC job! She really is such a motivation to me. Her scale may show a higher number than mine, but she is in much better shape and she has worked extremely hard to look really good for a Valentine's cruise her husband is taking her on. Anyway, she has been singing the praises of Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred* workout dvd since the holidays.

I haven't done a work-out dvd since I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I hate to have people see me workout and see how dumb I look. Just in case I had to tell you, it is very difficult to find time alone while living with 7 children and a husband.

However, after sitting down and figuring out where I could find 20 minutes alone (yes, that's all it takes!), I went to Wal-Mart and bought the dvd.

Unfortunately, I bought it the same day we were having our neighbor with her 5 children over to play. Of course, with 11 kids in the house, you have to have snacks.

So, there I am in Wal-Mart with my work-out dvd, 3 lb. hand-weights, THREE containers of Pringles, and one LARGE bucket of cookies.

It was a self-checkout day.

Oh, and the video? It's tough. It makes me sweat. I look like an idiot doing it. I can't walk up or down stairs without level 4 pain.


*NOTE: PLEASE BE ADVISED: Jillian uses a word not found in the vocabulary of the Christian one time in level 1 and at least once in level 2. I don't know of any other times at this point.


Jenna said...

I did that once with Jess...I really loved it too! I would like to get it someday :) For now I'm just doing my elliptical machine!

Katie said...

:) Your so cute Vicki... you don't want anyone to see you :).. well if it's any comfort.. I used to think that way!! Until I was living in Romania ... and there weren't separate rooms!!! One nice big one that EVERYONE lived in... So yup I got over it really I love doing videos... I workout about 90min every morning.. except Sun. It's more like 20min....It makes you feel so good afterwards .... anyways... Good luck!!!

just a girl named jenn said...

Another great one (which I've recently pulled out of my fitness vault, lol) is the "Slim In 6" series. You can find it on It's awesome and will literally work your buns right off! pain, no gain!

Lisa said...

I am SO with you on not wanting anyone to see me exercise!! That was a challenge living in our travel trailer the first 2 years we were married. The only time I got in was when "he" showered, and with a teensy hot-water tank, that was never really long enough! :-)