Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Used of God


How is it that a nineteen year old young lady who has never been a mother can know exactly how a mother is feeling and struggling?  How does she know to say just the right words in order to encourage?  How is it possible that a mom can feel just the slightest rebuke yet feel like she has had a satisfying drink of water ending a long drought after reading the words of such a young, "inexperienced" girl?  

Because the God of the nineteen year old is the God Who parted the Red Sea, made the sun and moon stand still for about a day, rose up an army from a pile of bones, and numerous other wonders.  She serves the God of the maiden who humbly directed the captain of armies to the healing of his leprosy and of the queen who saved a nation.  

Do not doubt, giving a young girl such wisdom is nothing short of a miracle.

When we allow God to work His will in us, He does amazing things.  He gives us wisdom beyond our years and experience.  Lives are changed.  Love is felt.  Smiles return.

To the sweet nineteen year old:  Thank you for allowing God to work a miracle through you.

To the rest of you:  Allow God to use you today as He performs His next miracle in a life of one of His children.

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