Monday, January 4, 2010

When You Leave a Church...

...mine or the church down the street, please don't tell others the reasons why you have left your former church - unless it is really that you saw a place to minister and that you still LOVE your old church family and pastors.  It is amazing to me how people can be part of a church they "love" for years, yet, when they are called out to another ministry, they suddenly see faults in that church.  Then, they proceed to broadcast those faults.

Newsflash:  All churches have problems.  All churches are filled with sinners who, well, sin.  We make mistakes.

However, sowing disention is a grave sin itself.  Broadcasting to the world how you think the church should be run and how you were offended waters a seed of discontent in a weaker brother.  To the person who loves their church, it's just nauseating.  It is far from edifying, which is precisely what we are to do for one another in our spiritual family.

If you leave a church, have some humility and some grace. Follow the simple rules:

1) Go where God has called you

2) Bless others

3) Be blessed

4) Be happy

5) Be quiet

6) Move on
Oh, and we'd love to have you visit anytime and hear how God is blessing you!


Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

This should be in every church's newsletter! Simple etiquette: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. It's taught to children every day and then conveniently forgotten by sour adults.
Such a good post.

Dave said...

One thing I have learned after moving around so much is that there is no perfect church. Having said that, I've been where I couldn't go to church because there wasn't any options.

If he preaches good, I'll let God convict whoever about whatever I don't agree with there. After that, it's all between me and God.