Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 days and counting...

 We're getting ready to go on our first family vacation in 3 years this coming Sunday.

Ok, well, semi-family vacation.  We're leaving the youngest two home in the care of people who will spoil them rotten.  Because, let's face it, how much of a vacation is it when you have to change a poopy diaper in a public restroom, listen to a 4 year old cry because her feet hurt from so much walking, and having to constantly be spinning your head around in the pool to make sure the 2 year old hasn't drowned.

But, I digress.

In anticipation for a fun-filled week, we are making sure all of our school-work is caught up with and done.  I mean, how often is it that my kids actually get to put several hundred miles between themselves and their schoolbooks?

Once in three years, remember?

Can I just say...we should have a vacation more often.  I cannot believe how diligent and quiet my kids have been in their school this week.  They've even been doubling up on some of their work so they can begin their break even earlier.  I realize that we're only 2 days into the school week, but, in my world, 2 days in a row of diligent work constitutes most of the week.

My kids live in fear of the fact that I'll actually make them take their unfinished work along with us. Tempting as that is...not gonna happen.  Because, we all know that if they have to do school on vacation, mom has to do school on vacation.  And, as I said, THAT'S not gonna happen.

But, that will stay our little secret, right?

Who knew the week before vacation would be just as enjoyable as the actual vacation?

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Peggy said...

We are so glad you are going on vacation. Enjoy yourselves and have a very good time. It is true that school work can wait sometimes. love, Aunt Peggy & Uncle Richard.