Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Lovely Lunch

1 house.  11 children.   Pizza & orange pop. 

No spills.  No stains.  No fighting.

1 friend & me.  1 amazing lunch. (we had quiche)

My friend Stefanie loves to have people over.  Her husband, not so much.  So, once in a while, she will invite a friend and her kids (if they have any) for a lunch that would put any restaurant lunch entree to shame.  My children and I were her honored guests this past summer and, again, today.  She spoils us rotten.  I even almost felt guilty in the preceding days answering her questions of "What do you and your kids like to drink?"  "What are you kids' favorite chips?"  "What's your favorite salad dressing?"  Stefanie knows the true meaning of hospitality.  She opens her home and her guests feel comfortable, loved, and full!  To see our children playing and reading together was a blissful and sweet sight.  And, I could sit and talk with her ALL day, but, I was a polite guest and departed in time for her children and mine to get needed naps.

If we were Catholic, I'd recommend her for sainthood.  I mean, really, who invites a woman with 7 children to lunch?  Did I mention that she has 4 of her own 5 and under and expecting another?  HELLO!

Thank you, my friend - for the food, the laughs, and, most of all, your friendship. 

And, I think a nice fall 2024 wedding will be nice for a couple of our children.  :)

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elianna m said...

Haha I have to agree... I think your kids would be perfect together. But aren't we jumping ahead a little? :P
Stef IS so sweet... I miss her!