Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Luke 8 Ladies

I was reading in Luke 8 the other day and came across verses 2&3 - "And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities...ministered unto him (Christ) of their substance."  These women were so grateful to have been the recipients of the healing power of Christ that they gave to Him of their own possessions.  In all likeliness, these women had homes and families of their own.  In fact, one of the women was married to the steward of Herod!  They had household duties to fulfill and the needs of their families to meet, yet they made time to minister to Christ, as well.

It is not made clear what "their substance" was, but it could have been material things such as food, blankets, and clothing made by hand.  If you were making a meal for Jesus, the One who healed you, would you not make it with your freshest and best ingredients?  If you were making a blanket for Him to keep warm while He slept, would you not reminisce about the time He reached out and touched you to take away that infirmity that plagued you for so long?  Would you not weep over it in love and gratitude?  If you were the one making His garment, would you not remember your friend who touched the hem of a previous garment worn by Him and pray that this would be used in a mighty way, as well?  Would you not feel humbled to have even a small part in such a ministry?  Oh, to have been one of those women.

But, wait!!!  I can be among this group.  No, I can not behold Him face-to-face (yet) and provide for His material needs as God in the flesh.  But, I am one of the women healed of evil spirits and infirmities. He has healed me of many physical ailments through the years and has made my heart new when He saved me so many years ago.  He has taken me from my original father, the devil, and made me His child.  In gratitude for His kindness and eternal love for me, I ought to have such a desire to minister to Him of my substance.

Often, we women feel that our household duties fill up every waking hour of our day.  Take a good look at your day; is this true?  Unless you have chosen to live in such a way that refuses the use of modern-day appliances and have to do everything from scratch in your cooking, you have extra time outside of your daily duties.  How do you spend that time?  The ladies in Luke 8 had no modern conveniences, yet still had time to minister to Christ.

The Bible tells us that whatever we do to the least, we do it unto Christ.  There's a lady who just had a baby or a family who has been ill - make them a meal using your freshest and best ingredients.  Do you know how to sew or crochet?  Use that talent to bless a new baby with a soft blanket or a young girl who seems to be growing out of all of her dresses.  While you sew, think of the many ways God has reached down and touched your life.  Thank Him.  Personally, I can't sew a straight enough seam to make a blanket for a snake, but I have recently begun to make cards and send them to those who need an encouraging word.  Spending time and investing my creativity in a card helps me to really pray for that person - while I'm making the card and for days afterward.  I think of the many people God has sent my way through the years to encourage me and this is one way I show my gratitude to Him.

When your laundry is drying, your dinner is simmering, or your children are napping - cook, bake, be creative for someone in need.  Or, sit at the feet of Jesus as Mary did.  In that case, her substance was her ears and her heart.

Give of your substance and welcome to the fellowship of the Luke 8 Ladies!


Janice said...

Love This! I am going to make a huge effort of purposefully seeing how my "down" time can profit others.

I used to love making cards! I have MaSsIvE amounts of rubber stamps... interested in a swap? Or I may just hand them over! Dont know if I will use them in Zambia! Then if I need them... I will have to visit... over coffee and your lovely table!

Persuaded said...

You wrote..."Personally, I can't sew a straight enough seam to make a blanket for a snake,"

and I had a nice little chuckle:-D

Wonderful sentiment, it is so easy to be selfish with one's free time, but it's not really our time after all is it? It's His♥

jen said...

okay, sorry, I'm not commenting on the post…just testing something out! I'll email you…