Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tea Party

Today, my husband and oldest son went to Empire Farm Days.  It's an annual extravaganza at the State Fairgrounds of metal and new-fangled ways of growing crops.  Oh so exciting.  Never mind the snow storm that was called for today - nothing stands between a farmer and large, shiny metal objects with wheels.  Nothing.

Exciting as the whole event is, the rest of the children and I stayed home.  As most of the remaining young ones are girls, we decided to have a "tea" party for lunch.  Rather than tea, however, we opted for the much more enjoyable home-made hot chocolate served in some of my prettiest tea cups.  (the cup shown in the above picture was my grandmothers)  PB&J cut with a circular cookie cutter and served on my best dishes with a side of fruit cocktail makes a simple lunch elegant. 

Forgive the bad-quality mobile pictures, but the real camera is currently being loaded with about 90 pictures of the aforementioned large, shiny metal objects.

For dessert - Boston Tea Cups.  It was a fun recipe I found in a new cook-book a friend recently gave to me.  I baked a yellow cake mix in a jelly-roll pan, let it cool, and cut it into bite-size squares.  I put three squares at the bottom of each tea cup, spooned some vanilla pudding on top of that then added three more squares of cake.  Finally, I dusted on some powdered sugar and drizzled chocolate sauce on top.  DELICIOUS! 

Afterwards, while two of my daughters folded some laundry, one swept the floor, and I washed the dishes, we all sang some songs together.  Definitely a special lunch that we will remember for years to come. 

Who knows? Maybe one February day 20 years from now I'll get a call  from one of my grown daughters inviting me to another lunch-time tea party with my grand-daughters as my grandsons attend Empire Farm Days with their grandpa and Uncle Mike. 


Ashley said...

Awww, that is really sweet!
I remember having tea parties with my mom and my friends when I was little, and now Keren has them with me.
I would prefer a tea party any day to a large metal shiny thing with wheels.

Persuaded said...

We had a tiny tea party at our house the other day! Not as fancy as your though, I'm afraid, but the guests (dollies) seemed to enjoy it very much;)
Here's a link to my post about it if you'd care to visit☺: