Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jamestown Settlement

What a wonderful week we had last week!!  We covered 255 years of history in 5 fun days.  The kids actually loved the road trip down to VA.  We stayed at my sweet "sister's" house.  The kids loved their dogs and I loved seeing my little sis' baby belly!!!

We drove on Monday morning for 2 more hours and officially began our tour at the Jamestown Settlement.  Appropriate, as that is obviously where this great country began. (I must interject that I am well aware that there was a previous English colony in Roanoke, but this was obviously the first surviving colony).

Most everyone we met on this trip who worked at the various places were wonderful.  They talked to the kids, answered their questions, and let them handle so many of the items on display!  They truly were there to help our kids learn as much as possible.
My kids are fascinated with dead animals and their remains.

We took a fantastic tour with an equally fantastic tour guide.  Honestly, if you have a dud for a guide, your tour will be a dud, as well.  This guy LOVED history and made things really come alive!

We were able to board the replica of the Discovery - one of the three ships that brought the first English colonists to America.  

My sailors

Walking around inside the replica of the Jamestown fort really brought home to us what life was like for these men.  Why the high walls?  Not because of the Indians - but to protect them from the Spanish.  If you remember, Spain already had colonies further south.  The English were concerned the Spanish would attack and try to take over the colony.  However, the Spanish did come up, spied a little, then went back down to Florida stating that the poor English chaps would never survive!

Grizzly Adams was kind enough to give us a musket demonstration.  This guy is the reason there were no women in VA for some time.  Seriously, would you really find him a catch?!

Visiting the Powatan village, getting inside of their homes, and helping dig out a canoe was definitely a hightlight!

The kids also tried their hand at rope-making.  This was a skill that Powatan children learned to do at 2 years of age!!!!  

We arrived at the Settlement around 11:00.  We spent a full six hours sucking up every aspect of the place.  Unfortunately, we were never able to make it to the actual Jamestown site (about a mile away) to see the archeological dig and the statue of John Smith.  But, while on the pier, our guide told us that the site was just beyond those trees.  So - here you are - the official site of the beginning of America (from a distance):

Ha!! Sorry about that.  Truly we crammed so much into 5 days, something had to be left out!!!

I will post pictures of Yorktown & Williamsburg in the next couple of days.  I highly recommend taking your family to these places.  If you homeschool, you must look into their special homeschool weeks - one in September and one in March.  If you go to Teaching Mommy, I'll leave you the link and give you some more information on these amazing deals!!


elianna m said...

Looks like a beautiful time! Historical vacations are SO much fun!
Love you - and I'm soooo glad you got an opportunity to take this trip!

Persuaded said...

Wahl now, I think that fella is kinda cute... in a rough and tumble he-man sorta way☺