Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Heritage

I guess the next set of pictures could be viewed as morbid, but I took them mainly for the sake of my heritage.  My great-grandmother died at a young age as did my grandfather and, therefore, I never met them. 

My grandmother passed away when I was two years old.  I am grateful for the one memory I have of her.  She was in the hospital after having her leg amputated due to complications from diabetes.  I clearly remember a peaceful smile on her face as she told me that Jesus was with her.

My one and only memory and it's a legacy to hold on to.

Note - I am posting straight-from-the-camera shots and then the edited version (if any). I have my reasons.:)

 My grandfather died of leukemia when my mom was 12 years old.

My grandmother's grave is in the background.  She shares a stone with my step-grandfather.  However, my mother's parents were very much in love from the beginning until death parted them.

Ok, so this isn't the original.  Honest, the only thing I did was add the white matte around the edges.  

My great-grandmother died from appendicitis when my grandmother was just 18 or 20 years old.  My mother is named after her.

As I drove to the cemetery and walked around, I couldn't help but imagine my mother at 12 years old burying her father.  I believe she said it rained that day.  Many of the graves I see now were here then.  Did she stop to look at her great-grandmother's grave?  Did this sweet little lamb with it's inscription catch my young mother's eye?  This baby had died just 3 years before.  Did she wonder about him and his family?  Did she understand more than most children the keen sense of heartache they were probably still feeling?  Today I wonder what this child's story was.  The few times I've been to the cemetery, there have always been flowers at this little grave.  

You've never had a name, but you've never been forgotten.

The next few I didn't bother touching up as, frankly, I didn't think they needed it.:)

My favorite.

Thank you for walking with me as I contemplate my heritage.  How about you - what is your family story?


Sally, Greg and Hannah said...

I love this post! Particularly because I, too, love to meander through cemetaries...there is so much history held in those peaceful places. I don't think it is morbid either...I find it so intriguing.

What do you use for editing your pics?

Victoria said...

I use the Premium version of Picnik.com:)