Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Recent Pictures

Who knew Heaven on Earth was in Orleans County?  I have a friend who lives there.  This cottage is on her property.  In my mind, I've dubbed it, "Rose Cottage."  Unique, I know.  That's just who I am.
Flowers picked from Heaven on Earth. 

Apple blossoms.  Not from Heaven on Earth.  From my house...Paradise on Earth.  Depending on my mood.  Otherwise, it could be H--- on Earth.  Kidding.  Really.  *cough*
We have them in color, too.

Of course, have to have some of the kids.  So, guess where his tooth is.  If you have a guess, let me know.  Cause we have no idea.

I don't know what I'm going to do without a 2 year old in the house anymore.  I definitely won't laugh as often.

Laying around in tractor tires makes for a great photo op, but it is not recommended as a routine activity.

Never fails...something large & loud flies overhead and the A.D.D takes over.

Really, I have six other kids.

Every homeschooling mom's dream - to see her children deep in thought.  Ok, so it was Jenga.  I'll take what I can get.

The kittens you'll find here at Paradise on Earth.  Or, maybe it was the other place this particular day.

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elianna m said...

Come back when the roses bloom... you'll love it...
You're too funny!