Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the Record...

I believe that there are instances when a man or woman needs to leave their spouse due to types of abuse.

For the record, I do not believe divorce should be an option for the Christian.  Seperation, yes.  Divorce, no.  In a situation where the non-Christian spouse leaves the Christian, then there is nothing that can be done about that.

For the record, I believe God forgives them who seek forgiveness for bad decisions - such as divorce.

For the record, I have thought about the things I've said so far and do not care to debate these things at this time. Maybe another time.

For the record, I don't believe just because one party apologizes for continued bad behaviour, the other party should automatically put themselves back in what could be a harmful situation.  Some people live better apart.  (However, see #2.)

For the record, I believe there are VERY FEW one-fault instances of separation and divorce.

For the record, I don't believe it is ever too late for counseling.  Those who say it's too late probably need it the most.  Again, even if it's to settle things and learn to live apart without destroying relationships around them.

For the record, if a couple needs to separate, relationships between children and grandchildren ought to be encouraged to continue & grow (if that is the desire of the children) unless those children will truly be in harm's way.

For the record, I don't believe people ought to be forced to choose sides when friends or family members separate or divorce.

For the record, I don't believe being polite to both sides equates choosing sides.

For the record, I believe a person may disagree with one or both parties & disapprove of certain actions, character qualities, etc., but still be kind and polite to that person (or persons).

For the record, I hate divorce and the division it often causes among family and friends.

For the record, children of divorce, no matter how calm they look on the outside, deal with anger towards the situation & even their parents.

For the record, I am glad there is a Father these children can go to and lay down their anger, sorrow, and frustrations.

Just...for the record.


Julie said...

For the record, I thought this was neat that you picked this topic. Our pastor is going over divorce at church and last night was a great message. Some really interesting things in the Bible that I never saw before.

For the record, being a child from a divorced family, I have seen the hurts and pains from it and it makes me work that much harder on my marriage.

Victoria said...

Julie - I heard so much while growing up that children from divorced homes are more likely to have failed marriages themselves. While my own family proves this w/ generations of divorce, I resolved to work harder at my own marriage, as well. It's one of the reasons I believe my love for Eric stays fresh.

Heather said...

Brad & I were just discussing this over the weekend. Divorce stinks...period!! For everyone involved. But, agree with you that it is great that we have Someone who helps with our hurting. Praying for you & everyone involved. :0(