Saturday, June 5, 2010

Foto Friday (a day late): Happy

So, I've wanted to join Rebecca's "Foto Friday" for quite some time. I was feeling badly that I wasn't posting this until now (Saturday night), but I just saw that our dear hostess posted late, as well.  However, it figures.  I finally enter this thing and she just announced that she is hosting her FINAL one next week!  Story of my life!  SO, if any of you know of any other photo challenges, please let me know. 
With this week's theme being "happy" I figured there was no easier and better time to take part!  As Memorial Day was Monday filled with parades & a picnic, it wasn't difficult to capture images of happiness.  So, without further ado, my first Foto Friday entries...

Happy to be riding in our church's float in the city's Memorial Day Parade

Abe Lincoln was happy to join us for the morning

A father & son happy to be reunited

Happy to serve his country

Moms can be happy, too!

No comment necessary

I'm happy he's mine!


Persuaded said...

Really cute pictures... looking at all those smiles made me happy;-D

Cammi J Photography said...

Cute pictures! I Heart faces is an awesome website for photo challanges! Very fun and great themes!

Rebecca said...

I am SO sorry about my timing in stopping it-I didn't figure anyone would care because most people stopped participating ANYWAY.


I am so glad you joined up and I hope you do again NEXT week! ;-) Also, one place I discovered recently is I plan to participate in those on weeks that I can, you know, when the stars align and all. ;-)

Your happy photos are fabulous. The first one is so vibrant and fun, the one of the man is so crisp and sharp, and the one of the mother laughing is, to me, the epitome of HAPPY. She exudes gaiety. Great job, Victoria!

PS. I REALLY love your header photos. REALLY.

Victoria said...

thanks for the tip on i heart faces - looked at the site and i think i'll love it!

Rebecca - funny you should say that about my header pics - I've been working on updating it. you seem to have the same timing as i:) thanks for the encouragement!

Jemit said...

Happy families are the best!

Full of Grace said...

beautiful pictures, all of them :) made me smile looking at them!