Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Little Things...

...like the Cleveland Browns and Winston Lights.

Neither are things that are spiritual.  I don't even care for football and I've never smoked cigarettes.  But, whenever I see the emblem of the Cleveland Browns or hear the name "Winston" (I don't think they even make Winston Lights anymore), I feel a tug on my heart.

Both bring my father a little closer to me.

My dad loved the Cleveland Browns.  No disrespect to the dead, but for his love of the game, he had absolutely no taste in teams.  As I've already stated, I don't follow football.  But, I do keep nominal track of the teams my loved ones follow.  Anyone who even owns a radio will know that the Cleveland Browns have not been a good football team in over 30 years.  But, they were the team my daddy loved.

My dad smoked Winston Lights for as long as I knew him.  Though I don't care for the smell of cigarette smoke, often, the smell will bring me fond recollections of times with my dad.  The memory of sitting around the table with my dad and his girlfriend's family at Christmas as they all smoked actually gives me a strangely happy nostalgic feeling.  Thankfully, there are no signs of second-hand smoke damage.

My dad was more than football teams and cigarettes.  He was jokes, belly laughs, and fun.  But, I will hear no voice that sounds like his telling jokes.  I will not hear another laugh like his.  Many people have many types of fun.  But, the sight of the Cleveland Browns emblem and the name of Winston makes my father seem closer.  I don't believe in signs or messages from the dead, but, in a way, when I see these things, I feel he's sending me a smile.

It's the little things.

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