Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to...My Life (again)

I just got done calling a bunch of people I don't know for a party I'm not throwing.

What?  Don't you do that?

The party is actually a picnic my husband is giving a certain soon-to-be-groom.  Eric is the best man in his wedding and is hosting the picnic.  As the wife and secretary of an adorably handsome guy who HATES making phone calls, I get to call all of these guys whom I've never met.

Let's just say....I hope I never have to do THAT again.

Call #1:  I accidentally called the guy's wife's phone and got their daughter.  A daughter who has the skill to make you feel like an idiot in about 30 seconds flat.  She finally got her mom on the phone.  What's the saying?  "Like mother like daughter?" Yeah.  I got the impression that she was a bit miffed HER husband wasn't the best man.  So sorry.

Call #2:  Nice guy, but at first seemed to think this was a "bachelor party."  I made sure he knew that this was not a typical bachelor bash as we are Christians and there would be no drinking, etc.  He kindly let me know that Jesus drank.  Wasn't expecting that theological monkey-wrench...

Call #3:  Guy with a heavy Italian accent who asked me to repeat all the info to him and then was pretty sure his wife had a shower to go to for their daughter so the both of them wouldn't be able to make it.  This after I said twice that it was a picnic for all the GUYS.  My mistake, I'm sure, but the third time in 8 minutes that I felt like the biggest idiot on the planet.

The last two calls were great - especially as I only had to leave a message for one of them.

Remind me never to plan a bachelor, groom's picnic...again.

Welcome life.

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Jamie Parfitt said...

My husband has me make phone calls too; I don't enjoy being in the middle of technical-information finding, but he says I ask questions that he wouldn't, and I find out more than he would (even if I don't really understand what I found out, he understands and benefits from it). An example would be calling around about different vans for sale or trying to find the best price for a certain kind of engineered lumber. If these calls are hard for US, I wonder how hard they would be for our husbands!