Friday, October 15, 2010

For Gloria Has Sinned...?

I am going through "Leading Little Ones to God" with my three youngest children, Seth, Gloria, & Zane.  It is a really wonderful devotional book that helps little children learn all about the attributes of God and why we need Him in our lives.

Last week, we began the section which speaks about how sin entered the world and the consequences of sin. The devotional, "What it Means to be a Sinner" begins by asking, "Are you naughty sometimes?"  Both Gloria & Seth, who have recently accepted Christ as their Savior, answered in the affirmative.  When I placed the question before Zane he heartily answered, "No!"

Me:  "You're not naughty, Zane?"

Zane:  "No.  Gloria naughney."    *I personally love his pronunciation of the word "naughty."

Me:  "Gloria's naughty?"

Zane:  "Yes."

Me:  "You're not naughty?"

Zane:  "No.  Gloria naughney."

Me:  "What about Michael?  Is he naughty?"

Zane:  "No."

Me:  "Is Cassia naughty?"

Zane:  "No."

And on it went through the listing of each one of his siblings.  Then, I came to Gloria once again.

Me:  "Is Gloria naughty?"

Zane:  "No." Quickly realizing what I had asked, changes his answer: "YES!"

He still held firm to the fact that HE was NOT naughty.  I believe we have 8 other people in the house willing to testify to the contrary.

At the end of the lesson, we began the review questions.  I looked at Gloria and asked, "Gloria, who sins?"  Expecting to hear her tell me that everyone sins - a fact that she knows - she says firmly, "ME!"

I guess Zane will preach conviction into the hearts of many - and he's starting with his sister!

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