Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Day in History...

October 20, 2003....I was almost made a widow. 

You can read the whole story here & here, but today I have been thinking how different my life would be without my best friend and husband. 

1.  I would NOT be married.  I could not imagine being with anyone other than Eric.  He is my first and only boyfriend, so it's REALLY hard for me to imagine.  Plus, with five children, who really would want to have married me?

2.  I mentioned having FIVE children.  I realize I have seven.  I was five weeks away from delivering our fifth child.  Two of our children would not be in existence today and only two would actually remember their daddy.  How my heart would break if my children could not know their wonderful daddy.

3.  Since Eric's accident, I have lost my father, Anna has been hospitalized, we've had several trips to the ER, Michael had major surgery, and there's been a divorce in my family.  Through all of these things, Eric has held my hand and held me up.  Though I know God would have held me up if He had decided to take Eric home, I am so grateful that He chose to leave him here to be my minister of strength.

4.  If Eric were no longer here, my children would probably be in public school as I worked a full-time job.  Though I often am exhausted with homeschooling, I am so blessed to be able to do it and be home with my family.  Who knows what our crazy life would be like?

5.  Most of all, I would ache with loneliness.  My husband is my best friend in all the world.  I remember waiting for Mercy Flight and praying, "Lord, if You take him, I know you'll take care of me.  But, Lord...he's my best friend.  I don't know how I'll live without my best friend." 

Seven years ago, Eric could have died. Today, I drove him to pick up a truck from a field. I HAVE a husband to drive around.   Though it's the crazy harvest season and he's exhausted & absent much of the time, he WILL be home.

I don't know how long God will choose to allow us to be together on this earth.  I pray it's until we're very old.  I do know that I am grateful for the time we have now and the life we have today. Today I am still able to hold hands with my best friend...thanks be to God.


Andrew and Esther said...

WOW. I read your post and your previous posts. I am so moved by your testimony about that day. Isn't God amazing? Thank you for sharing of His grace! There is so much one can learn about a story like this.

Elianna said...

Wow. It's been that long? I'll never forget praying for you and for him that day. I'm so glad you two are still enjoying happily-ever-after! :) Praise the Lord - He is so good to us!