Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you ready?

In the past few months, several people we have known have passed into eternity suddenly and without any warning.  Each of them has been around the same age as Eric and I.

Recently, my friend lay at death's door due to a brain aneurism.   Thankfully, the Lord miraculously brought her through and she is healing well.

The same cannot be said for our friend Ken, who died while just entering his car after helping a stranger.  Or for Larry, a seemingly healthy man who died in his sleep hours before Ken was hit.  Sweet Carissa was taken after her kayak flipped in the cold waters off the coast of Maine less than a year ago.

Just today, another man from our former church passed away.  He was a police officer in a dangerous city, yet it was not the bullet from a "bad guy" that killed him.  He was sick with a bacterial infection.  He leaves a wife and three young children.

The brevity of life has become very real to me.   Often, death comes without warning.  Brain aneurism, sickness, announcement, no preparation, no time to make peace with God.  Any one of us could be looking into the face of the Creator at any moment.

Are you ready?  Do you know Him?  Will He be able to accept you into His kingdom?  Jesus came to die, to pay the price for our sin, so that we may be with God forever.  Without the blood of Christ washing away your sins, you will have to spend eternity away from Him.

From their testimonies, Ken, Larry, Carissa, and Bill were ready.  They all sit at His feet at this very moment, worshipping the God they served while on earth.  The One whose gift of life and love they accepted years ago.  Someday, I will join them.

Will you?

Are YOU ready?

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