Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome to...My Life

Some day soon, I will write a post worth reading.  Today, I wanted to just jot down these recent happenings for something tells me that I will one day come back and read this and cherish the memories.


Let's start with last Saturday (April 16).

We won't mention the two days before where I ran from one appointment to the next activity for about 28 hours straight - literally.

But, onto Saturday.  That evening, I was planning on having 13 of my dearest and oldest friends & family over for a dinner celebrating all of us being in the same state for a weekend.  During the day, however, I was attending the baby shower of one of those sweet friends.  Of course, on the way, I needed to buy the present.  An hour before I was to leave, my 10 year old daughter said she had woken up in the early morning with back and side pain. She said the back pain was gone, but the pain in her right side was persisting.  Uh-oh.  Having had appendicitis, I know the symptoms.  As her daddy was home, I left an hour later as she still had no fever and said the pain wasn't any worse.  A few hours later, Eric called me at the shower to let me know he was taking Anna to the ER.  She had a fever and the pain was continuing.  Praise the Lord, it wasn't appendicitis, but a UTI due to a condition with which she was born.  So, a few hours later, all of us are home, Anna is on the couch, and our friends begin to arrive.  Shortly after we sit down to eat, Anna starts to throw up.  In the kitchen.  Right where we are eating.  Fortunately, she has a bowl.


Thankfully, the rest of the evening is a blast and continues without incident.  The last friend walks out the door at 11:30 and my sweet hubby begins on the dishes.  I then begin the 45 minute ordeal of giving my daughter her medicine.  It wasn't that she gave me grief about taking it, it's just that it wouldn't stay down.  In times like that, we have to give the meds in smaller doses until the full dose stays down.  I fall asleep around 1:15.  I wake up at 3:30 and stay awake until 4:00 when it is time to begin giving Anna her meds.  Praise the Lord, it only takes about 15 minutes to complete.  Just when I lay down, here comes the 3 year old boy awakened by the wind.  He now wants to sleep with me.  On the oh-so-comfortable-and-not-so-roomy-couch.  I fall asleep around 6 and wake up at 8:00 with aforementioned 3 year old's hand in my face.  Praise the Lord for Sunday afternoon naps!!

Monday finds me calling the doctor as the meds are clearly not helping Anna.  So, it's off to the pharmacy for a new prescription, then pick up Seth for his piano lesson, then it's off to CHOICE Kids Club with 6 of my children.  Got lost on the way there, but it was a good time.

Wednesday - off to a lake about an hour away from my house for a very cold and windy family photo session.  It was a lot of fun, but a bit cold.  Came back home, dropped off a child and headed to Wal-Mart. I had brought a helper for the kids while I did the photo session and, upon hearing that I had a meal to drop off that afternoon, she suggested I drop that off on my way to take her home.  Another trip home to get the meal.  Turns out, the family to whom I was taking the meal lived in the opposite direction of my sweet helper.  That's ok - we had fun, anyway.  Finally got home in time to get dinner together and my family ready for church.  My hubby obviously could tell I was a bit tired, etc., so suggested I stay home.  Have I mentioned how much I love him???  Had a great time with the Lord.  Alone.  In the quietness of my house.

Thursday morning I woke up to a message from a friend who was coming over Friday.  The night before I had suddenly realized I had double-booked my friend's visit and a field trip.  Hmm...had to find out what time the trip was on Friday so I could tell my friend what time to be here.  When I got in touch with my field trip coordinator at  8:15 on Thursday to ask her what time the trip was the next day, she sent me a message telling me that it was at 10:30....THAT morning!!  Uh-oh.  Plus, my niece and nephew were coming to spend the day.  Well, we found ourselves at the Public Market at 10:30.  It truly was a fabulous tour and I am happy to report that all of the things I wanted to accomplish around my house that day STILL got done!

Friday was a great day of visits.  My friend and her daughter came for a few hours and then Eric and I had some adult time with a couple of more out-of-town friends that evening.

Saturday was a full day.  That morning, I came downstairs just in time for my 5 year old to throw up.  I won't give you the gory details.  I'll just say it was GROSS.  Got the blankets cleaned up.  The rest of Saturday was perfectly lovely.  It was sunny, 70 degrees, my hubby got home early, took the kids for a wagon ride in which they stopped and chased frogs and ran around the woods.  I picked up some hot dogs, chips, and ice cream (my 5 year old had made a complete recovery by now) and we had our first picnic of the season.  Everyone was tired by bedtime.  My 3 year old mentioned that his ear hurt, so I gave him some Tylenol and sent him to bed.  The little guy was sound asleep in 5 minutes.

An hour later, he was awake and crying.  Loudly.  I applied garlic oil to his ear, gave him more pain killer, and held him as we waited for his ear drum to rupture.  If you've never been through that, it is NOT pleasant.  There is little you can do for your child until the rupture occurs and the pain ends.  He cried and cried and tried to get away from the pain.  Once it was over, he instantly fell asleep and I went to sleep around midnight.

Until 2:00 a.m.  Now it's the 11 year old who is sobbing.  Loudly.

Now, I love my daughter.  But, whereas my 10 year old with kidney infections is a rock, my 11 year old is not.  She said her stomach hurt, blah, blah, blah.   I don't intend to demean her woes - I truly did not hear what she said.  All I could think was she got whatever bug her little sister had, so I told her to go downstairs and get a bowl.  Turns out she was hungry.  Of course, she had to wake me a few minutes later to tell me that.  About 30 minutes after that, she wakes me for the 3rd time crying in pain.  Another comfy night on the couch for me.

Her ailment?  Gas.  I kid you not.

Sunday was a wonderful day spent with family.  Sunday night, my Anna's back is hurting.  Took her to the doctor this morning.  Now the other kidney is infected.  I think someone just hit the rewind button and we're starting all over again.

Welcome life.  Something tells me, however, this sounds a bit like YOUR life, as well.

These are the moments to cherish.  I think.  Maybe I will someday.  And that's why I write them here.


Julie said...

I'm tired

Elianna said...

Me too.
But she's still smiling! :)

Cheryl said...

I agree with Julie and Elianna, I am exhausted just reading your post! I've been there many times and oddly enough, was last week also. Dan left early this morning for Houston and as I lie awake listening to my 7 yo cough incessantly and gag, wonder what my week will be like... :o)