Monday, May 23, 2011

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words...

...the problem is, I didn't get the picture.  In fact, I missed two pictures.

Tonight was a gorgeous early-summer evening.  Our children have finished school for the year, we had a late supper of pizza & ice cream, and daddy had come home.  The older children wanted to ride their bikes, so we told them they could go down the lane of our newly-purchased property across the street.  Eric & I took the 3 youngest and walked with them down the same lane.  As this property was purchased in the fall, this is really the first time we have had the chance to really venture out on it together.

Often, I will bring my camera on such occasions.  Just as regularly, I'll purposely leave my camera at home to just enjoy my family and the time we have together.  I focus on them with the naked eye instead of through a viewfinder.  They see ME and not a camera attached to my face.  While I am glad I make this effort, invariably I see a shot that makes me twinge with regret.  Tonight, it was two shots.

The first was when my husband veered off the lane and began to walk in his newly planted field.  I'm never sure what I think is more beautiful - the freshly disced and planted soil, the green plants waving in the summer breeze, or the freshly harvested field.  Each is beautiful in it's own right.  So, tonight, in the midst of this dark soil for as far as the eye could see, surrounded by hedgerows of trees, with large blue clouds in the evening sky, was my husband slowly walking.  A hard working farmer in the middle of his field.  In the middle of his dreams.  In the middle of his life.  What a sight.

The only sight that topped that was on our way home when he walked the same field, while the sky was beginning to redden with the setting sun...with our 7 year old son by his side.  Father and son.  Two peas in a pod.  Most likely, future farm partners.  My heart swelled with love for my family, the goodness of God, and His promise to care for us always.

Oh!  How I wish I had my camera this evening.  But, only so I could share the moment with you all.  I have those pictures in my memory forever.

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