Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ah, Summer-time!

Went for a walk this morning. The bugs were all buzzing about in the early morning humidity. When I returned, I sat in our tree swing for about half an hour enjoying the cool breeze and the chirping birds. I felt I had little reason to rush the day and almost dozed off. I came inside a few minutes after 8:00 and all but one of my children are still sound asleep. Most of them are already brown with sun and are most likely sleeping off all the fun we had at the spray park yesterday.

Yes, it is summer. I am so glad it has arrived!

- Vicki

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Ted Snyder said...

It's so weird to think of summer right now. Our one Maple tree is bare, the rain is almost everyday, getting dark before 5:00 and the fire is burning nicely in the fireplace....summer? The first two years here I couldn't comprehend winter in June/July/August can you have summer then, it's obviously winter. So looking forward to December, short sleeves, no shoes and a full tree of leaves and birds. : ) -Dawn