Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cherishing Everyday Moments

I just watched my youngest child walk out to the barn.  He just turned 4, so it's not the first time he's done this.  But, this morning, five of my children are at VBS so just my oldest and youngest are home.  Both boys - bookends.

Anyway, Zane (the 4 yr old), was at the barn most of the morning.  Shortly after his siblings left for VBS, he came in to wash his hands.  When he came out, he looked at me with his smile and said in his little boy way, "Mommy, I was working at the barn!"  He was so proud of himself.  He was one of the guys.

When he looks at me with that face - the glasses, the missing tooth, the blonde hair - I wish I could just keep him this way forever.  I decided to send him back out with the mail - a real responsibility around here.  "Don't lose it," I advised as he went out the door.  "I won't," my little man said.

I decided not to rush off to do my own thing.  Instead, I stood for a minute or two and watched my little guy walk to the barn carrying out his important duty.  His blonde cowlick bopped along with him as he walked with a determined step.  I remembered watching his oldest brother do the same thing almost 10 years ago.  How is it that time flies by so very quickly?  I guess I've learned that it does, which is why I stood there watching. No, I didn't have my camera - just like I remember his brother doing the same thing, I'll have this image in my mind forever.

The best sight was seeing his daddy & grandpa come out of the barn just as Zane arrived with the mail.  Three generations (& the dog) stood briefly in a circle while daddy bent over to get the mail from his little boy's up-reached hands.

Mission accomplished.  Life goes on.  Now I have another moment of it to cherish.

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