Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Go & Pray

There is much I want to write, but because of my lack of time right now, I'll just write a quick note.

Please think of a mom or two you may know and pray for them in earnest today.  Moms - new & experienced - aren't always doing as well as they may let on.  They struggle, doubt, worry, hurt, sin, and are weary.  No, this isn't a personal request for myself (though I could always use & do appreciate prayer) - this is a request on behalf of many, many moms who are treading the waters of motherhood just trying not to drown.  Let's throw out a lifeline to them through calling out to the One who gives life, peace, and strength.

So, go.  Pray for a mom or two.

1 comment:

Jamie Parfitt said...

Thank you for the reminder. I hope to remember to pray for two different ones every day. God bless you!