Saturday, September 17, 2011


...I'll have time to blog more often.
Until then, I'm sitting for hours 4 days/week doing school with 6 of my children.

Someday, my photography business will take off.
Until then, I'm spending Fridays going from field trip, to appointments, to lessons....

Someday, I'll have time to decorate my house.
Until then, I'll be catching up on laundry for this active household of nine.

Someday, I might have beautiful flower gardens instead of gardens of weeds.
Until then, I'll be planning and making meals to feed my family.

Someday, I might have clean floors everyday of the week.
Until then, I'll be raising the young ones God has given me that dirty those floors (& occasionally pay someone to come and clean them *gasp*).

Someday, I might be popular and may not be totally out of the loop.
Until then, I'll be talking with my kids and trying to guide them in their decisions and actions.

Someday, I might be able to take fun trips or go take a college course.
Until then, I'll be planning homeschool co-ops and classes for my children and their friends.

Someday, I may learn what is really important and not wish for the things I cannot do.
Maybe that day is just around the corner...

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Michelle said...

Hi Vicki, My sentiments exactly...only you do seem to have a bit of time and a great deal of talent to put it into words. I stop in every once in a while and am always encouraged or challenged by you entries. God Bless!