Monday, October 10, 2011

Let's Hear it FROM the Boys

All of my boys made me laugh (or roll my eyes - whatever the case may be) in the last week.

The 14 year old
Grandpa brought over a telescope he picked up at a neighbor's garage sale.  Bring out a telescope and kids come out of the woodwork!  Well, the telescope that's been in hiding in our basement made an appearance, as well, and daddy and the kids have been having an out-of-this-world time! One morning last week, my 14 year old comes into the house looking for his sisters.  When I told him they were upstairs and asked him what he needed he replied, "I wanted to warn them to never look at the sun through the telescope!"  This gem he had just learned through experience.
Let's just say that I have decided that any male who makes it to the age of 25 alive and not permanently maimed is a very real miracle!

The 7 year old
We were stopped at a red light before pulling into the parking lot of a local plaza.  My daughter says, "That looks like Mrs. S over there!"  She had seen a vehicle that resembled that of a friend's.  However, as we were pulling into the plaza, it was evident that the vehicle was NOT Mrs. S's and the driver was definitely NOT Mrs. S.  Instead of stating the obvious problem with my daughter's statement, my 7 year old says, "That's not Mrs. S.  Mrs. S. isn't that old a man!"

The 4 year old
The other night my little one was sitting in the front room with me as I did some computer work.  I looked over at him and said, "I'm pooped!"  He suddenly gets this look of concern on his face and said, "In your pants?"  Oh dear!!  I guess I should be careful in what figures of speech I choose to use!!