Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soccer & Family Unity

Three of my children played on a 8-week Saturday soccer league this year.  While I love watching all my children play, I get the best action shots from Seth's group.  I just love the intense looks of their faces.

 Warming up.

 Just scored a goal!! Due to mother-failure, there is no photo of the scoring of the goal. :(

 Love the mouths!

 Keeping the goal (my favorite!)

Or, is this my favorite?  :)

Seth has a great time every year at soccer.  His first two years, he had great coaches.  While his coach this year was nice enough, his "coaching" seemed to be a bit lacking.  It seemed the team was made up of many individuals who thought they didn't need their team-mates.  The coach would put the team in their positions and cheer for them, but never give them direction in HOW to play and how to work together.  Though they're only 8 years old and it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, I was able to learn a lesson from them:

The team is only as good as their coach.  

This lesson was good for me as a mom.  If my family-team is not working together in unity, I am failing. If I am only putting them in their positions of responsibility, but not guiding them in how to work together pleasantly, our team will lose.  When the opposing team confronts one of our members, we must be able to pass our burden on to another member who is standing close by to help.  Unity is essential in success and success will only come from good leadership.  

I did notice one time when the assistant coach (whom you see in the background of the last photo) did, indeed, give instruction to one of the players.  However, the player flat out said, "No!  This is the way I do it!"  He proceeded to fail.  So, just as coaches aren't always at fault, neither are parents.  Sometimes, the guidance is given but not heeded.  Often, the parent can do nothing but stand on the sideline and watch as their child misses the goal.

Oh, that my family would work together as a unbeatable team.  That our determination to succeed would be as evident as the intense looks of determination on the face of an 8 year old soccer player.

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