Saturday, October 1, 2011

Soccer Saturday

It was COLD and rainy today.  My husband was suggesting various things I could wear in order to survive the elements while I took my children to their Saturday morning soccer league.  As he was leaving the room, I suggested that HE take the kids today.  "Uh, I have a project to work on!" he says as he quickly closes the door and flees.

My 9 year old gashed her leg pretty badly yesterday.  As a result, she would not be able to play with her team this morning.  She still wanted to go and watch, but, given the weather conditions I told her that she would be better of actually playing if she went in order to stay warm.  Knowing this was not possible, the decision was made that she would remain home.  However, a few minutes later she appeared wearing her soccer jersey and culottes.  I asked her if she had changed her mind.  She hadn't.  She just wanted to support her team the best she could from home.  Precious.

My 6 year old scored her first goal! The cheering that occurs on the sidelines of Field 11 for the Pink Team is the loudest and most enthusiastic I've ever heard at this league.  They are a fun group of girls to watch!

My 14 year old has been an assistant coach all year.  Today, he planned what players would play what positions, etc.  He put a kid in goal that hasn't played goalie all year.  The kid let in 3 goals and ended up crying after his father gave him a hard time.  Thankfully, the head coach spoke encouraging words to this young man.  I'm grateful for such a man for my son to assist and learn from.

My 8 year old accidentally kicked the ball into his own goal while trying to keep it out.  One of his team-mates yelled at him.  My son is crushed whenever he feels he's let someone down.  As he left the field in order for the subs to play, he came to me close to tears.  When he told me what happened, he DID cry.  I wanted to tell his team-mate what I thought of him, but I restrained myself.  Instead, I explained to Seth that it was an accident and that the ball would have gone in either way (I saw it - it's true).  Then I said (loud enough for aforementioned team-mate to hear) that EVERYONE makes mistakes and that I've seen that child make a lot of them this year.  Ok, so that may not have been the most Christian way to deal with the problem.  So, a few minutes later, I said (again, loud enough for team-mate to hear), "It's cold and everyone's a bit cranky.  We all make mistakes.  Not a big deal."    In the end....don't make my kid cry.

One more week of soccer.  All in all, it's been a good season.

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