Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This & That

Praise the Lord!  Our harvest was completed last Wednesday morning.  Now, the corn is being trucked to the local ethanol plant and now Eric is harvesting truck-loads of wood for the winter.  He's tired when he comes home, but he's home for dinner every night.

About 2 weeks ago, a friend of ours was thrown off her horse (with our Anna right behind her on another horse) and ended up with a severely broken ankle.  As she's a single mother, we've been pretty busy helping & organizing help for the family while she is laid up for a few months.

Last week, a few ladies and I were able to sit down at my kitchen table and plan our church's Homeschool Fair which will be held in May.  The Lord helped us get some great ideas going and we are well on our way to getting together the best Fair ever!  Though, my 6 year old was a bit disappointed to find out we wouldn't have a Ferris Wheel....

Three of our girls are preparing for their annual violin recital this Friday evening.  I'm pretty sure two of them will do fine.  The third one needs some's hoping!

We are celebrating Seth's birthday tomorrow.  Oops, just looked at the clock - make that TODAY!  Eight years ago today (in just about an hour and a half, to be exact), our high-energy, highly lovable son was born.  I was telling him just yesterday how we literally prayed over him as soon as he was born - as he didn't take a breath for the first minute of his life.  That was one of the longest 60 seconds I ever experienced.  I am so glad God blessed us with my little Eric-clone!! :)

Not much of a post, but I just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I'm still alive.  I have a few blog topics that I would love to get around to, but....we shall see.

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