Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hey, You!

Yeah, YOU!  The one with the husband.

What do you have to complain about?

There are women out there who wish they had a husband such as yours.  A man who loves them.  A man who will listen to them.  A man who works hard to provide.  A man who comes home every night.

Maybe instead of finding fault with your husband, you should find the many things to be thankful for.  There ARE good qualities in him.  There were when you dated him.  There had to be something for which it was worth saying, "I do!"

Maybe instead of throwing yourself a pity-party because he hasn't taken you out in a few weeks, you could pray for the woman who buried her husband.  Pray for the woman whose husband broke his vows and divorced her.  Pray for the  young lady whose heart has been broken by her betrothed and is wondering if she'll ever live happily ever after.

Maybe you need to stop finding fault with the man in the bed next to you and start pointing the finger at yourself.  What could HE be complaining about and isn't?  Show that kind of grace to him.  Improve yourself and he just may improve.

In this day and age, it seems to be acceptable for a wife to find fault with every little thing her husband does, but if he criticizes he is harsh and cruel.  Boo-hoo!

Listening to you complain about how immature, selfish, and/or ungodly your husband is, makes you sound even more so.  Sort of like nails on a chalkboard.  I'm not impressed and I'm not sure very many are.  If anything, your complaining makes people feel worse for your poor husband than they do for you.

Are there legitimate concerns wives have?  Absolutely.  Are there ways to express those concerns without the husband desiring to flee to the roof-top?  Yes.  But, before you open your your heart.  Open you heart in prayer to the Lord.  Open your heart in love to your husband - through your actions.  Open your heart to self-examination and pull the mote out of your eye before you humbly approach your husband.

And, remember:  the more complaints you have, the less you will be heard.

You, with the husband.  You want to keep him?  Stop complaining.  Start giving thanks and start loving.


Andrew and Esther said...

Thank you for posting this. You made some wonderful points.

Suzanne said...

Well said! I HAVE such a husband, and he is out getting wood to keep the house warm at this very moment. LOVE him dearly.

FLCC Coach said...

This is awesome! Very well said. Everyone should hear this and think about it. Not only wives but husbands and children need to start thinking this way too. Count your blessings!

Jamie Parfitt said...

Just today I commented to some co-workers of my deceased husband that they should tell their wives continually that they love them, and tell them WHY. They wrote back soon after that and said they had just done it or were going to soon. I explained that the "I love yous" that were the most recent meant the most to me as I sit and remember and ponder our relationship. Women are insecure and want to be sure they please their husbands. So now I say, tell your HUSBAND often that you love him and WHY. You started something good here, Vickie, and I hope it snowballs! If any of you find yourself without a husband, you will suddenly see the pressures he was under, usually not looking pressured at all (except by the wife maybe?). Men have a big load and we need to sweeten and soften it as much as possible.