Friday, January 20, 2012

Dreams Change

About 9 months ago, I stumbled upon a wonderful blog written by the wife of an old student of mine.  Ok, so he was in 6th grade when I was substitute teaching his class & he now has a masters degree, a business that he owns & operates, a wife, and two children.  Yes, I'm THAT old.

Anyway, I don't do blog recommendations.  Nor do I do book recommendations (often).  But, there's a first (and possibly only) time for everything.

If you are the parent of a child with Down Syndrome or any special need, know of such a parent, or just want to understand what goes through the mind of a mother as she learns that her baby will not be born "normal"...I highly recommend:

Deanna gives a (sometimes painfully) honest look at the emotions that she felt when she found out that she was carrying a baby with Down Syndrome and how she grew to love her perfect little girl. She is real and that is what makes this book one from which we can truly learn.  You will cry with Deanna as she struggles with her fears and feels her dreams crash down around her.  You will rejoice with her when she experiences a love she never dreamed of and realizes that God makes no mistakes.  

As I just finished this relatively short e-book this evening, I am still thinking on it - but I believe it has opened my eyes and my heart to those who have been granted a truly special child.

 Go ahead.  Click on the picture & purchase this inexpensive book that will take little time to read, but will change your life invaluably.  Let me know if you read it.  Better yet, if it blesses you, let Deanna know over at at Everything and Nothing from Essex. While you're there, read her posts.  I think you'll like her sincere & often humorous look at life with 2 young children. 

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Deanna said...

Thank you so much for sharing...and for reading! It means so much to me!