Friday, January 20, 2012

Indications That I Need Sleep

I need to go to bed.  Do you know how I know?  Well, beside the fact that my eyes are slamming shut as I type?

- I'm critical & cynical about just about everything and everyone.  Those things or people that I am not critical or cynical of, I think there are people who criticize them and they have no right to do that.  I mean, who do they think they are?

- I'm frustrated with my family.  Don't they get it?  Don't they care about having a nice house?  Can't we all just sit nicely together and read or play games?  Don't remind me that I could initiate that.

- I'm frustrated with the fact that people sometimes don't get my humor.  Really?  It's a joke.

- Why was I taken off of someone's blog roll?  What did I do wrong?  It's not like I sit here and criticize everyone and complain and throw pity parties.  Really.

- Am I really that annoying to others? Do people really not like me? I annoy myself with how much I read into things.

- I have a pile of never ending laundry in the laundry room.  I'm contemplating never setting foot back there again.

The list could go on.  I'm sure none of you get this way.  Now you know me for who I really am - someone who gets irrational when I get tired.  I'm sure it's a rare and unprecedented condition.

It's good to know I've learned to not act on these irritations I get late at night.  I could lose a lot of friends.

I need sleep, because I'm critical & cynical.   Oh, and have I mentioned overly-sarcastic? The good news is, I'll wake up tomorrow and roll my eyes as the absurdity of myself.

*Roll your eyes with me.*

I will also realize how good my life truly is and, once again, ask God to help me focus on what is important.  In fact, I'm going to do that now.  As I head up to bed.

Good night.


Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

Glad to know that I am not the only one who sometimes thinks those types of thoughts. Makes me feel a little better ; ) The older I get the more I realize it is all God in our lives and without Him we can do nothing.

Kara said...

Hehe, I always cry at everything when I haven't been getting enough sleep... I hardly ever cry, so when I start, my family knows I need my sleep!!!! :D