Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Week in Pictures - Jan 1 - Jan 7, 2012

This year, I am going to try do document each week in pictures.  I am attempting to take one picture a day to get an idea of the various things that happen in our home and life.  Some of the photos are taken with my wonderful Canon Rebel T2i, when I think to go grab it.  The others are taken with my iPhone, which I have next to me almost all the time.  You use what you got, right? ;)

So, My Week in Pictures - Week One:

 Sunday 1/1 - Took all the Christmas cards and made a collage on our refrigerator.  Great way to remember our friends and pray for them.

Monday 1/2 - Back to school after 2 weeks off!

Tuesday 1/3 - Older siblings play with & teach younger.

Wednesday 1/4 - Reading some great books!

Thursday 1/5 - Gloria finished "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons"!!! Seeing as the last lesson was ripped out of the book sometime in the last 8 years, she did it in 99! :)

Friday 1/6 - Daddy & the older children completed a puzzle.

Saturday 1/7 - Saturday morning home-made hot chocolate!

This really was a great week.  While I was dreading getting back to school, it was probably one of the best weeks we've had all year!  I think a large part of our success was because we had no plans outside of school all week.  I didn't have to hurry to get things done so we could make our next appointment.  It was amazing how a free schedule relieved almost all of my stress.  So, while my photos don't show a lot of exciting activities, they speak for how relaxed and normal our week was & I loved it!!

Let me know if you decide to do (or are already doing) a similar weekly photo project on your blog.  I'd love to visit!


Janice said...

Just a funny memory....
LOONG ago when you were in college I was in the nursery at church with your mom and she was telling about a care package she sent to you... and mentioned that she sent you home made hot cocoa mix! I recall how she had to make it just so, and why that stuck in my head after all these years (not THAT many ...!) I don't know, but the pic of scooping out the hot cocoa made me recall it!!

Enjoy the new year!!

Sara Louise said...

I just finished reading that Duggar book and was convicted about some things in my life that need changing. God bless you, my friend.

Jamie Parfitt said...

Wasn't it your ONLY week all year?

~SALLY~ said...

Hello there Vicki!! I just found out about the Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons and am currently looking at it for my daughter. How do you like it and what was the youngest age you taught your children to read? Was it using this particular book? Looking forward to trying it out.

Victoria said...

I love 100 Easy Lessons. However, I've only used it for 3 out of the 6 that I've taught to read (so far). My oldest learned to read via Rod & Staff as I hadn't heard about 100 Lessons. 100 Lessons didn't click w/ my 4th & 5th children, so we used Hooked on Phonics (you can get used editions pretty cheap). My oldest 2 girls learned together out of 100 Lessons as they are 14 months apart. One of them was reading when she was 3 years old - she's the earliest reader. Most of my children are 5 or 6 when they learn to read. I felt like Gloria was "old" as it took me until after her 6th birthday to sit with her to teach, but, because she was so ready, she learned to read within 4 months (actually less time, as the child is reading by lesson 12 or so in the book). I highly recommend it!

~SALLY~ said...

Thanks, Vicki! My daughter is 3 and is pretty sharp when it comes to learning. But, she can't say certain sounds and I am wondering if she will be able to handle the book. I was reading the intro last night and think it may be a bit much for her. I guess I will have to try it and see. Thanks for your input!! :)