Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Week in Pictures - Jan 15-21, 2012

This week was a great week for the kids & their daddy to play outside.  The temperatures were not too cold and there was enough snow on the ground to have fun with.

It was also a week of beginnings and endings.  Our girls began piano lessons with a new teacher (they've taken lessons for 4-6 years with another teacher) and Gloria finished Kindergarten!!

So, without further delay:  Week 3

Sunday 1/15 - Someone is a little tired & cold from all the snow fun!

Monday 1/16 - No School + Cousins + Snow = a TON of fun! 

 Tuesday 1/17 - Violin lessons.  Usually, 3 of my girls have lessons, but 2 were ill. :(

Wednesday 1/18 - Gloria finished her Kindergarten math officially making her a full-fledged 1st grader!! 

Thursday 1/19 - The kids all enjoying Anna's Science web extras (video of side-winding snake & other reptile - yuck!) 

Friday 1/20 - Dinner-time devotions.  Eric's been reading 2 Chronicles.  I don't know why that book gets such a bad rap - we are finding it fascinating! 

Saturday 1/21 - My 3 older girls first lesson with their new teacher.  They miss their original teacher terribly, but this is an important & good step.

As promised last week, I got more people pictures in here!  Very proud of myself - ha ha.  

Anything new for you all this week?  Would love to hear about it!


Jamie Parfitt said...

I'm glad your husband lets you take pictures of him. That devotional photo is almost Rockwell-like.

Victoria said...

You should've seen the one he posed for when he knew I was taking pictures of him. He thought the "Billy Sunday" stance would be much more animated....and that was BEFORE Sunday's sermon! :)

Jamie Parfitt said...

That would be wild. :-) Good thing we had the visual, or I would have no idea what you meant. The one you posted was better than that.