Monday, January 16, 2012

Yes, No, Maybe

This morning as I was reading a book and drinking my coffee, Zane asked me if we could "throw Quacker" when I was done (a game we played last night with his stuffed duck).  The short conversation went as follows:

Zane:  When you're done with that, can we throw Quacker?

Me:  I don't know.

Zane:  Does "I don't know" mean "maybe"?

Me:  Yes

Zane:  Does "maybe" mean "yes" or "no"?

Me: That, I don't know.

Zane:  I hope it means "yes."

I love four year olds!  It did remind me of the passage where we need to let our "yay be yay and our nay be nay."  I tend not to want to commit to things as schedules change so often that I don't want to let my kids down.  But, I guess Zane is one of those who wants a yes or a no.  I'll definitely be working on that.

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